Mike Pence Welcomes Two New Pets For Father's Day

The vice president's family brought home a new "second dog," Harley, and a kitten, Hazel.

Vice President Mike Pence celebrated Father’s Day by welcoming two new furry friends to his family.

Pence’s wife, second lady Karen Pence, announced Sunday that the family got two new pets while on a weekend trip to their home state of Indiana: a dog named Harley and a cat named Hazel.

Pence’s press secretary on Monday tweeted a picture of the vice president disembarking from Air Force Two, carrying the “Second Dog.”

The happy additions to the family follow some tragic news: The family’s cat named Oreo died earlier this month. The family’s dog named Maverick died in October.

President Donald Trump is the first president in over 100 years to not have a dog, and only one of a handful presidents in history to not have pets in the White House.

Fortunately for fans of furry friends, the Pence family has plenty of pets. Harley and Hazel join a cat named Pickle and a rabbit named Marlon Bundo.

Bundo has a strong social media presence, with Twitter and Instagram accounts run by Pence’s daughter Charlotte.

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