Try Not To Groan At Mike Pence’s Cringey Sex Joke During Republican Debate

The former vice president tried his hand at humor. It really didn't go well.

The late-night comedy shows will return to television next week after five months off the air due to the writers strike, and former Vice President Mike Pence appears to already be workshopping some new material.

Pence ― who came under fire earlier this year for homophobic jokes aimed at Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg ― tried inserting some levity into Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate.

But it didn’t go over very well, as the crowd barely reacted to most of his attempts at humor.

The Recount posted a supercut video of the former vice president’s stabs at humor ― including a cringeworthy joke in which he awkwardly confirms that he does, in fact, sleep with his wife:

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