Mike Pence’s Oblivious Boast About The Stock Market Ticks People Off

"170,000 Dead Americans..oh I'm sorry. I don't want to interrupt your celebration...go on," one critic hit back at the vice president.

Twitter users reminded Mike Pence about the human and economic devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic after the vice president bragged about the stock market on Monday.

Pence highlighted the rising NASDAQ index in a tweet claiming the U.S. economy is coming back under President Donald Trump and “will keep growing with #FOURMOREYEARS!”

Critics pointed out the stock market is not the economy.

They also noted the nationwide death toll from COVID-19, now upwards of 170,000, and the cratering economy, which has cost millions of people their jobs.

Pence faced similar backlash last week when he boasted about the number of jobs created during Trump’s presidency.

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