TV Analyst Mike Pereira Does A Pervy-Looking Thing With Tongue During NFL Broadcast

The former referee appeared to get caught in unsportsmanlike conduct.

For a former NFL referee who’s now a rules analyst for TV, Mike Pereira definitely made the wrong call with his tongue on Sunday. (Watch the video below.)

During the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Munich, Germany, Pereira was analyzing a Seahawks touchdown in the fourth quarter for the NFL Network, the New York Post reported. In a moment where Pereira apparently didn’t realize he was visible to viewers, he glanced at someone or something offscreen and made a mischievous kind of tongue-wagging gesture.

Not in the “nyah-nyah, nyah-nyah-nyah” playground way. But more in the way you might communicate desire for an eclair, or sex, or some other sensual delight.

If we had to make a ruling, we’d say it looked out of bounds.

Other viewers flagged the Fox Sports personality for it as well:

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