Mike Pompeo Insists Multiculturalism Is 'Not Who America Is'

The secretary of state lumped multiculturalism in with "woke-ism" as agents of U.S. downfall.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo raised eyebrows on Tuesday when he tweeted that multiculturalism ― in a country that has long celebrated its immigrant heritage ― is “not who America is.”

Pompeo appeared to equate multiculturalism with censorship, “political correctness,” “woke-ism” and “all the -isms,” arguing that these ideas actually move America toward authoritarianism.

The former congressman ― who warned that Donald Trump would be “an authoritarian president” back in 2016, prior to becoming a Trump loyalist himself ― was hit with a backlash from other Twitter users. Several pointed to Pompeo’s Italian heritage, arguing that American multiculturalism was precisely what had allowed him to rise to his high position.

Pompeo’s new post was part of a display of Twitter braggadocio that the outgoing secretary of state has embarked upon since the beginning of this year. In other tweets, he has used a false definition of the word “swagger” (“to represent America with pride, humility and professionalism”) to pat himself on the back and suggested that Trump should win a Nobel Prize for his Middle Eastern diplomacy.

Despite these boasts, Pompeo was forced to cancel a Europe trip last week after European Union officials declined to meet with him following the deadly U.S. Capitol riot.

Pompeo’s rhetorical campaign has caused some to speculate that he may be prepping for a 2024 presidential bid himself. The Wall Street Journal reported in December that Pompeo was “well positioned for domestic political pursuits” next, citing supporters close to the secretary of state.

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