Mike Pompeo To Head The CIA

For the first time in my adult life, we are watching a situation where the President of the United States and the intelligence community seem to be openly feuding.

President Trump has gone back and forth with former CIA Director John Brennan and former DNI Director James Clapper.

The President has taken shots at the intelligence community on Twitter and in other public forums, while some of those members have taken anonymous shots at him.

This is a relationship that needs to be repaired for the good of the President, the intelligence community, and most of all, our great country.

The next CIA Director is going to have the unenviable task of not only bridging this divide, but also running the agency that is at the forefront of the intelligence gathering that is so crucial to the safety and security of the United States.

I believe Mike Pompeo is up for the challenge and will succeed where very few could.

A former military officer during the Cold War, Pompeo knows the importance of combatting foreign threats in a swift and succinct manner.

And he doesn't play around.

The idea behind the Iran nuclear deal - avoiding a war and coming to a peaceful resolution - was good.

However, what was not so good was the lying that President Obama's team - as Senior Adviser Ben Rhodes bragged to the New York Times - lied about the timeline and terms of the deal.

Pompeo wants that deal to have terms that are stronger and are more in America's national interest.

He will not just sit idly by and allow poorly constructed and negotiated deals like that remain without renegotiation of some kind.

As a Congressman for the state of Kansas, he has consistently come down on the side of keeping the country safe.

Yes, he may be a little harsh in his belief that Edward Snowden should be executed. That is not a position I agree with.

However, he did say that while he personally thinks Snowden should be executed, he believes the man should receive his due process, meaning that he respects individual rights and believes Snowden should be judged by a jury of his peers. Mike Pompeo thinks Snowden should have his day in court and not be imprisoned or executed without a fair trial, regardless of his own personal feelings on the matter.

He is also for intensified surveillance, but not to the point where it would cross the line no government should cross.

If he was, he would not have the endorsement of Michigan Congressman Justin Amash.

Amash, who is one of Congress's top civil libertarians and a strident warrior on behalf of individual rights, had this to say on his official Twitter account the day Pompeo's nomination for CIA Director was announced.

"I know @RepMikePompeo. He's a great pick. Yes, we have our disagreements, but Mike will listen to our concerns and serve with integrity."

A fair man who is hellbent on securing the safety of our country while respecting the Constitution and listening with an open mind to any reasonable objections that come his way.

Sounds like the right man, at the right time, for the right job.