Mike Quade On Releasing Carlos Silva: 'This Was My Call' (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade ripped pitcher Carlos Silva shortly after the team released him on Sunday.

Bruce Levine of ESPNChicago reported that Silva criticized pitching coach Mark Riggins after learning of his release, claiming that he wasn't honest about his role on the team.

Quade didn't appreciate Silva's remarks.

"I was really disappointed when I heard [Silva's comments]," he said. "First of all, he's dead f---ing wrong, OK, about my pitching coach. And I have no f---ing time for that."

The 53-year-old also said that it was his decision to cut Silva.

Cubs general manager Jim Hendry also discussed Silva's criticism, saying that nine-year veteran wasn't good enough to make the 25-man roster.

"Obviously, we're dealing with a man at this particular point of his career that's not willing to face the facts that what he's done the last few years, except for a two-month period (last year), is well below major league standards," Hendry said. "And he seemed to make a continual problem of blaming everyone but himself."

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