Twitter Helped This Teen Get The Prom Date Of His Dreams -- An NFL Cheerleader

If you ask (Twitter), you shall receive.

According to KPRC, Crosby High School senior and football player Mike Ramirez went to prom with Caitlyn, a Houston Texans cheerleader -- and he has Twitter to thank.

In February, Ramirez sent Caitlyn a direct message asking if she'd go to the dance with him if he could get 10,000 retweets. Caitlyn agreed, and Ramirez quickly achieved his goal which sealed the deal.

"The moment it hit 10,000 I got text messages galore saying, 'You're going to prom! You're going to prom!'" Caitlyn told KPRC. Watch in the video above.

The two rocked the color red at the dance, while wearing buttons displaying the "76" in honor of Ramirez's friend who had passed away from a heart condition.

So, will there be a second date? "I plead the fifth," Caitlyn told reporters on the scene.



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