Mike Reese, Portland Police Chief, Takes Dog To Vet After It Eats 'Too Many Marijuana Brownies' (PHOTO)

This Portland pooch bit off more than she could chew. Fortunately, she's okay now.

Portland, Ore., police chief Mike Reese tweeted a photo of the sick dog while transporting her to the vet Monday.

Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson told Fox 12 that the dog's owner is a transient. The dog, the owner and his shopping cart were all given a ride to a local animal hospital, where the pooch was treated and released. The owner won't face any charges.

Dr. Meimei Welker, a veterinarian at Dove Lewis animal hospital, told The Oregonian that her staff frequently treats dogs for marijuana overdoses.

"We see them pretty consistently. We can almost diagnose it as soon as they walk in the door," Welker told the newspaper.

She said that symptoms of marijuana overdoses in dogs include difficulty walking, grogginess, hypersensitivity to touch, sound and light, and general jumpiness. However, the most telltale sign of consumption is bladder incontinence.

It also bears mentioning that chocolate is toxic to dogs.

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