U.S. Congressman To Be Outed As Gay By Blogger Mike Rogers?

Prominent gay blogger Mike Rogers, who became widely known for revealing the homosexuality of closeted gay politicians in the early 2000s, was reported over the weekend by U.S. News and World Report to be readying a story that will out a U.S. congressman, one of three allegedly closeted anti-gay politicians Rogers supposedly has information about. But Rogers says the report is not fully accurate: The outing is not imminent but rather in the information-gathering stages, with “a process in place” to get information on the congressman’s alleged sexual activity.

“All I told the gentleman from U.S. News and World Report is that I have somebody who is planning on sleeping with a U.S. congressman and videotaping it secretly and giving the videotape to me because the congressman is anti-gay, and the next thing I know, the media is all over it,” he explained in an interview on my SiriusXM radio program at Netroots Nation, the annual convention of progressive bloggers, which took place in San Jose over the weekend. “I never said the outing was imminent.” (Scroll down to the interview below)

“Basically, there is a process in place that is moving forward,” Rogers continued, “that will more likely than not provide us with information on a closeted congressman who has a zero percent voting record [on gay issues].”

Rogers said that he didn’t go to the media but rather was asked about it by a reporter at U.S. News who was wondering why he’d not outed any politicians in several years.

“They did get it wrong,” he said. “I may be outing a congressman at any time, any day, any place, any year. They’re all scrambling around the hill now, ‘Who is it?” I’m sure that the congressman is wondering, ‘Is it me?’ It’s interesting to see that it’s about three years since I put out a post about closeting people. and I mention something in passing and it becomes a media storm.”

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