America's Leading Purveyor Of Wild Snowden Theories Is Getting His Own Radio Show

Mike Rogers, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has become known in recent months for his repeated assertions that Edward Snowden has turned into a Russian spy since landing in Moscow last year.

"Every counterintelligence official believes that," he told "Meet the Press" last Sunday.

Whenever he's asked to produce any evidence for this claim, Rogers offers absolutely none at all.

Which is why, in a way, it was perfect when Rogers announced on Friday that, at the end of his current congressional term, he will leave the House and become a talk radio host for Cumulus Media.

After all, talk radio is where unchallenged, wild assertions with no evidence to back them up thrive. And the airwaves have played host to quite a few former politicians. Rogers will find a comfortable home for himself. Besides, Americans will be used to the sound of his voice because they've been hearing it so often recently. A Cumulus press release noted that he was "a media-savvy politician who last year appeared on more Sunday public affairs shows than any other elected official in the nation."

So, America, get ready for Mike Rogers, talk show host!