Mike Tyson Opens Up About How Bullying Changed Him

In an interview with GQ, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson opens up about what it was like to be the victim of bullying during his childhood and how it changed him.

"My fear consumed me and allowed them to take advantage of me," he said of his tormentors in the clip, posted May 1.

Tyson has talked before about the victimization and sexual abuse he faced growing up, but his words to the magazine still command attention:

It had a profound effect on me, being bullied. I wish it didn’t but it’s had a real profound affect. I’m a really sensitive guy and -- how can I explain this -- from being bullied I can be really malevolent. I don’t even like to talk like that, but yea. ... Being bullied, you can track a really disgusting terminal cancer in you. It's something you never forget. You just never forget it.



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