Mike Tyson Covers His Face After Watching His Hoverboard Fail

"It wasn’t good."

We may have finally found the secret to beating Mike Tyson in "Punch-Out!!": Play as a hoverboard.

While on "Conan" on Thursday, Iron Mike was finally confronted with the viral footage of him wiping out on a hoverboard. His reaction is pretty much what you'd expect.

Tyson says the fail actually resulted in a hospital visit. There, he saw a bunch of other people who also fell off their boards.

Andy Richter asked if it was Christmas time.

"No, it was el-schmuck-o time," replied Tyson.

The former boxing champ says his wife was the one who posted the video online. "She said, 'People just have to see how stupid you are,'" he recalled.

It's just too bad that hoverboard didn't have ears. How convenient, right?

A little too convenient ...

Image: MakeAGif

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