Mike Tyson Doesn't Expect Sexism In Sports To Change Anytime Soon

The former boxer discusses Ronda Rousey's potential and weighs in on the future for female athletes.

Mike Tyson doesn't think sexism in sports will disappear anytime soon.

During a HuffPost Live conversation on Monday about his show "Mike Tyson Mysteries," the former heavyweight champion said he was sure that UFC fighter Ronda Rousey could one day reach "God-status level," but sexism will be a mainstay in sports for quite a while longer.   

"We've made tremendous leaps and bounds, but the country we live in is fanatically sexist and racist," he said. "[Equality is] not gonna happen in our generation or our kids' generation, but it can happen. We see how far we came so far. It can happen."

Watch Tyson's comments on women in sports above, and check out the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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