Mike Weinstein, Florida Representative, Treated To Insane Dance Party Ad From Son (VIDEO)

Here's a political ad in support of Mike Weinstein, a state representative in Florida's 19th District. You will never, ever forget these facts because of this very campaign ad which is, by the way, insane.

It takes work to imagine what the movies of David Foster Wallace's James Incandenza must have looked like as he slowly developed his art to the level necessary to produce his masterwork -- the so-called "Entertainment" which was able to induce passive brain death in the viewer -- but after watching this ad, it will get much easier.

The spot was produced by Mike Weinstein's very loving and very devoted son, Scott, whose recall of 1986's pop-cultural detritus is unrivaled. Over two minutes of implacable music and unquenchable dancing, the ad literally overwhelms the brain until you are only able to hold one thought in your head: that Mike Weinstein is running for office in Florida's 19th District.

I do not recommend you watch this video yourself. My knowledge of what's going on in it comes to me secondhand through the notes of some brave interns who volunteered to watch this on my behalf and who I am currently talking down from the experience with the help of hypnosis, flashing lights, and some carefully administered doses of salvia. Pray for them. And watch this at your own risk:

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