Man Irritates His Pregnant Wife In Hilarious But Infuriating Video

03/04/2015 02:03pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017

When British dad Mike Wilson's wife Lou was pregnant with their son Kelan, he developed a habit of playing silly tricks and teasing her -- all "in good humour," he writes on his YouTube page.

In this video compilation of Mike's various tactics for pestering Lou, we see the dad invite her to play Twister, run ahead of her while yelling "Keep up! Keep up!" and parody "Let It Go" singing "Push it out, push it out, she can't hold it in anymore."

As the video's YouTube comments show, viewers were torn between amusement at Mike's antics and empathy for Lou. As one user wrote, "You're such an a**hole but I can't help but laugh. " Another added, "Your wife is a saint for dealing with you ."

The dad writes in the caption that his family "fortunately ... [has] a good sense of humour," adding, "In all honesty. She did an amazing job, and I couldn't even begin to imagine what the pain felt like."

Mike Wilson rose to Internet fame last year when he dressed up as Spider-Man aka "The Amazing Spider-Dad" to cheer up his-5-year-old son Jayden, who had inoperable brain cancer.

In the aftermath of Jayden's passing, it's clear the Wilsons are still trying to keep joy and laughter in their lives as they honor their older son's legacy and welcome their new baby boy into the world.

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