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Mila, Ashton Hang With Princess Beatrice And Boyfriend Dave Clark (PHOTOS)

This one has us scratching our heads.

How did Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend, Dave Clark, get chummy with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher? We have no idea. But sure enough, the foursome were spotted having dinner at London's trendy Duck & Waffle on Saturday night.

The Sun reports that after dining together, two couples hit up Callooh Callay for tequila cocktails in London's Shoreditch neighborhood, followed by a bar called John Salt in North London where they indulged in "deep fried banana in caramel." (Ed. note: That sounds AMAZING.)

While we're not certain how Bea got to be pals with Mila and Ashton, we do know that the Hollywood couple is taking London by storm now that they've set up residence in London's Hampstead neighborhood. Mila is there to shoot a movie, so Ashton went along to hang with his girlfriend.

And with the British royals, natch. We suppose Beatrice's mother, Fergie, is a friend to many celebrities, so why should her daughter be any different?

Now all we need is a Mila-Kate meeting...


mila ashton princess beatrice

mila ashton princess beatrice

Beatrice isn't the only royal who gets to meet the stars:

Queen Elizabeth II Meets Celebs

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