Mila Kunis Blasts Billy Bush; Will Be Attending Marine Corps Ball

When you're vying for a celebrity to be your date, a simple 'yes' is hard to come by.

Sergeant Scott Moore experienced this first hand when he recently asked the 'Friends With Benefits' star via YouTube to the Marine Corps Ball this November.

At the urging of her co-star Justin Timberlake, we all thought this reverse-Cinderella story was a done deal.

But 'Access Hollywood' anchor Billy Bush announced on July 13, that the date was off. This, Kunis confirmed, was false.

At a 'Friends With Benefits' press conference, the actress 'happily' took a minute to clear up any confusion, stating, "Do not believe what Billy Bush says. Never did I say that I was not going; he made it up."

As people began to applaud the actress' decision, Kunis said that was unnecessary; she was just staying true to her word.

Between her conviction to honesty, her sense of humor, smoldering good looks and love of 'Star Trek', I think we can all agree that Sgt. Moore is one lucky man.