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Mila Kunis' Glamour Cover Looks A Little Off (PHOTOS)

We love Mila Kunis because she's able to strike that perfect balance between laid-back tomboy and glam red carpet star. Since we're such big fans, we were slightly taken aback when we saw her cover photo for Glamour's August 2012 issue.

Mila looks beautiful (as per usual), but there was something a little off about the photo -- her head looks way oversized. We suspect it's a case of Photoshop-inflicted bobble head, but we're confused why any magazine would want to do that to their cover star.

Besides her strange retouching, the petite actress looks pretty adorable in a denim-on-denim ensemble, floppy hat and some major mascara. Inside the mag, she sticks with the low-key denim look in cut-off shorts while lounging on a fire escape and licking an ice cream cone (frozen desserts are so hot right now). Mila even dishes on her current body image and "Black Swan" svelte physique:

This is my normal body. It’s not 98 pounds. God, I’m probably 25 pounds heavier in muscle mass and weight at this point. What was crazy was, when I was shooting "Black Swan," everyone was like, “Gosh, you’re really too skinny.” Then my weight started bouncing back and they’re like, “She looked better when she was anorexic-looking.” You can’t please anyone!

Well, maybe not. But we're pretty glad that Mila feels happy and healthy at the moment. Check out the cover photo and spread below and tell us what you think. Do you spot a photoshop fail?


mila kunis glamour

mila kunis glamour

mila kunis glamour

Pick up a copy of the issue when it hits newsstands and click over to Glamour for more Mila in their August 2012 issue.

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