Mila Kunis And Kate McKinnon Are The World's Worst Action Heroes In New Trailer

"The Spy Who Dumped Me" really can't come soon enough. 😂

If you ever find yourself in some sort of shootout, car chase and/or torture situation, you do not want Mila Kunis or Kate McKinnon around.

The hilarious duo play best friends in the upcoming action-comedy film “The Spy Who Dumped Me,” which is scheduled to hit theaters in August. The trailer, released Wednesday afternoon, follows Audrey (Kunis) and Morgan (McKinnon) as they realize that Audrey’s ex-boyfriend (Justin Theroux) is a CIA agent.

Essentially, the bad guys who were once after Theroux are now after Kunis and McKinnon. Unfortunately, the two are not the most savvy action heroes. While trying to flee, they steal a car only to find out it’s a stick shift, which proves to be an impossible hurdle. As they’re about to be tortured in another scene, the two immediately spill all the personal information they have on one another. 

In other words, they act like most of us would if we were thrust into a Tom Cruise “Mission Impossible”-type situation. 

“The Spy Who Dumped Me” opens on Aug. 3, 2018.