Is Mila Kunis Pregnant? Ashton Kutcher's Paparazzi Confrontation Sparks Baby Rumors

The Rumor Mill Claims Mila Kunis Might Be Pregnant

The rumor mill is churning with claims that Mila Kunis is pregnant and it's all because of Ashton Kutcher's recent behavior toward the paparazzi.

On Monday night (Nov. 25), the gorgeous couple was out to dinner at Carlitos Gardel Restaurant in Los Angeles, according to When they were leaving, Kutcher confronted the paparazzi waiting outside, telling them "get out of here" and "get lost." While he argued with the photographers, Kunis and a friend snuck into the actor's car. He followed, and the three drove away.

As for why she might want to go under the radar, TMZ noted: "There are rumors that Mila's knocked up ... and photos of the actress could fetch top dollar around town."

Kunis was wearing a large T-shirt with an image of an ice cream cone and baggy jeans that night, which TMZ also apparently found suspect.

Of course, the actress might've just been keeping it casual with her wardrobe. And perhaps she was just surprised at the number of paps outside the eatery. She can be heard saying "Oh my God!" in the beginning of the video, before shielding her face and turning back around toward the building.

GossipCop reported that a supposed source close to the situation said rumors of a Kutcher-Kunis baby are "100 percent not true."

It seems like these two can't escape the snarls of the tabloids. Earlier this month, reported Kutcher is preparing to propose to Kunis once he and ex-wife Demi Moore wrap up their legal issues.

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