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Mila Kunis Named Sexiest Woman Alive By Esquire Magazine (PHOTO)

Funny and hot? Totally unfair.

We're going to go out on a limb and say that Mila Kunis is having a pretty good year. The "Ted" star not only has a handful of films in the works for 2013, but she's also gone public with her romantic relationship with Ashton Kutcher. Now, she's received the ultimate validation: being named the "Sexiest Woman Alive" by Esquire.

Mila graces the magazine's November issue wearing nothing but jeans and a smize (tops are for the unsexy and those without doe-eyed gazes, duh). In fact, aside from black lingerie and some satin sheets, the 29-year-old doesn't seem to be wearing much in the shoot. Fortunately, we already know that she doesn't need any styling to look good -- not even a stitch of makeup.

The actress is in some pretty good company for the Esquire honor. Last year's "Sexiest Woman Alive" was Rihanna. Before that, Minka Kelly and Kate Beckinsale held the title. But we doubt Mila will let this recognition go to her head. She told the magazine just how she stays grounded:

"So much of who you are in this industry is based on what that critic says, what that director says, what that actor says. People start believing all that, and they become what everybody else wants them to be. And I think that I’ve consciously separated my two lives. I love what I do. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. But when I’m done with work, I’m done with work. I think that if I bought into the hype, I would lose all sight of who I am."

Since Mila's become a sort of media obsession in the past year, it's probably a good thing that she doesn't internalize all of the hype. Not like we think she's just a flash in the pan. With her critically-acclaimed acting talent and down-to-earth personality, something tells us that there are plenty more magazine covers in her future.

Check out Mila's Esquire cover and photo shoot video. Do you think she deserves the "Sexiest Woman Alive" title?


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See more pictures of Mila. Does she get your vote for sexiest woman alive?


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