Mile High Club: Brits Are Most Likely To Be Members, Survey Says (POLL)


Who actually joins the mile high club? Brits, it appears.

According to travel website Skyscanner, a survey of more than 700 cabin crew members revealed that British flyers are the friskiest. Also leading the pack in Mile High Club memberships are Australians, Germans, French and Brazilians.

In the past, Skyscanner has also revealed that 95 percent of travelers wanted to be in the prestigious club, and a surprising 6 percent of men said that the act was their ideal Valentine's Day gift. 20 percent of travelers claim to have already earned their Mile High status.

Perhaps these Mile High hopefuls should book a trip on Flamino Air, the airline that specializes in mid-air romps. It's probably the safer choice given that trying to join the club on a commercial carrier can lead to arrest.

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