Mile-High Club Couple Arrested After Found In Airplane Bathroom Together

Couple Arrested After Found In Airplane Bathroom Together

An Australian couple were arrested over the weekend for trying to join the "mile high club" in a Jetstar plane's bathroom.

The unidentified 44-year-old man and 39-year-old woman were arrested Saturday morning, reports.

The man, who reportedly became "abusive" towards cabin crew after the duo was found, is being charged with disorderly conduct. His mile-high partner, however, was released without being charged, Adelaide Now reports.

A Jetstar spokeswoman told Adelaide Now that the airline doesn't allow passengers to "enter the toilet in pairs." "They would be asked to come out," she added. "If they comply there are no further questions asked or action taken."

A poll released earlier this year showed that 95% of travelers want to become part of the Mile High Club (20% claim they already have.)

Flights were delayed at the airport at which the plane landed for roughly 30 minutes as the police handled the matter, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

In November, an off-duty Qantas pilot was scolded for being a little too familiar with a female passenger in first class on a London to Sydney flight.

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