You Can Join The 'Mile Low Club' In This Luxury Submarine For Only $570,000

Join The 'Mile Low Club' In This Luxury Submarine

Looking to take your relationship to a whole new level? Perhaps connect on a deeper plane?

Meet Lovers Deep, a private luxury submarine in the Caribbean Sea "intended for couples who want to have a private night together submerged beneath the ocean waves." For around $285,000 per night (and a two-night minimum stay), adventurous couples can shack up in a customized sub while fish swim past the window.

If the deep sea isn't enough to lift the ol' "periscope" on its own, guests have the option of an "aphrodisiac tasting menu," with dishes "including oysters, caviar and a decadent chocolate fondant with essence of pomegranate" designed to put you in the mood. Other options include a Barry White soundtrack, scattered rose petals, and free champagne on arrival via your choice of speedboat or helicopter.

Unfortunately, the sub will only venture to depths of 650 feet, so the true mile low club remains out of reach. Then again, any vehicle going a mile down might risk offering sub par service.

"All of our hand picked, luxury properties have something unique and quirky about them," Oliver Bell, one of the brains behind the experience and the co-founder of Oliver's Travels, a luxury travel agency, told the Daily Mail. "But Lovers Deep really stands out as one of our quirkiest yet.

"We’re always fascinated by the colorful array of requests we get through our concierge service and are looking forward to creating bespoke packages for those wanting to join the Mile-Low Club with us."

Then again, if you "suffer from claustrophobia or a fear of fish," Lovers Deep may not float your boat.

PHOTOS of the sub that transports couples to the mile low club, below:

Oliver's Travels
A rendering of the outside of the submarine.
Oliver's Travels
The submarine houses 1 bedroom.
Oliver's Travels
A lounge and bar on the sub.
Oliver's Travels
Lounge seating.
Oliver's Travels
The bathroom aboard the submarine.

If this doesn't set your ocean in motion, jokes Jaunted, there's always the airplane lavatory.

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