'Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster,' Discovery Channel Special, Examines May 20 Storm

WATCH: New Special Examines Deadly Moore Tornado

A new one-hour special from the Discovery Channel explores the deadly May 20 Okla. tornado and its impacts on communities around Oklahoma City.

"Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster," combines interviews with meteorologists, emergency officials and storm chasers along with eyewitness accounts from those who lived through the disaster.

"This special provides one of the most comprehensive collections of user-generated footage of the Oklahoma tornado to date and conducts original interviews with those who recorded those first-hand accounts," Discovery explains. The show also aims to answer the "why" questions behind the formation of the deadly tornado.

The tornado, which devastated parts of the city of Moore, Okla., killed 24 people, including 10 children. The debris and rubble from the tornado could have created a pile one mile high, reported the Associated Press.

"Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster" premieres Sunday, June 2 at 10 p.m. EDT on the Discovery Channel.

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