Ex-Trump Official Accuses Former President Of Sinister Immigration Plot

Miles Taylor, a former DHS chief of staff, made the stunning disclosure on CNN amid renewed tensions over border policy.

A former Department of Homeland Security official under Donald Trump said Tuesday that the ex-president concocted an even more twisted scheme than transporting immigrants to blue states. (Watch the video below.)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently sparked further tension over border policy by flying planeloads of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts ― and he’s getting sued for deceiving the passengers. Other convoys are apparently in the works.

But Miles Taylor, a former chief of staff in the DHS, said Trump, whose 2016 campaign cornerstone was to build a border wall, once took the idea of sending migrants north to the next level.

Taylor said Trump directed officials in early 2019 to dump immigrants into Democratic cities and states. However, the president was “much more specific.”

“He wanted us to identify the murderers, the rapists and the criminals and in particular, make sure we did not incarcerate them, and we put them in those cities,” Taylor said on CNN. “It doesn’t take a lawyer or genius to recognize that this would likely be illegal to do.”

HuffPost did not immediately hear back from Trump’s office in a request for comment.

To stoke fears over immigration in his run for president, Trump infamously called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and criminals.

See more of Taylor’s comments below.

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