Now, This Is A Milestone For The Digital Age

As every parent knows, multi-tasking is a job requirement. This kid clearly has the gene that will enable her to push a stroller with one hand, while carrying groceries and responding to texts from her mother-in-law.

Reddit user KentuckyforKentucky posted this photo of his 6-year-old feeding her younger sister while getting some important "work" done on the iPad.

"We've got twins so unfortunately sometimes we need a little help from our 6 year old," dad explained, making sure to clarify that the baby is well taken care of. "She's propped up, so she's actually at the same angle as if we were feeding her in our arms... It didn't last long (feeding her via the foot)."

While we know it's important to be mindful parents and focus your attention on the baby, real life often does get in the way. And in this case, the first-grader certainly displays ingenuity beyond her years.

Babies With iPads