Miley Cyrus Explains 'F**k You' Tweet About Nude Pic On 'Jimmy Kimmel'

"I shouldn't be ashamed," the singer said.

Now we know the story behind the “not-sorry.”

Miley Cyrus explained on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday why she took back an apology for a controversial Vanity Fair photo ― 10 years later.

The singer on Monday posted a 2008 New York Post front page about the magazine cover photo, which showed the then-15-year-old “Hannah Montana” star posing nude as she clutched a satin sheet. The newspaper headline screamed “Miley’s Shame.” She rescinded her regrets a decade later in a most colorful way.

Cyrus continued to take a wrecking ball to the past on “Kimmel,” saying her little sister, Noah, was at the Annie Leibowitz photo shoot and that there was “nothing sexualized about this on-set. It was everybody else’s poisonous thoughts.”

In retrospect, she said, “I shouldn’t be ashamed.”

As for her apologizing at the time, Cyrus said to the host: “I’m sure someone told me to. But you know that’s why I don’t do what people tell me to anymore because that idea sucked.” 

Catch more of Cyrus’s unapologetic response above.



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