Miley Cyrus' Song For Her Dead Blowfish Is The Darkest Track Of The Year

Who knew we could feel so much about a dead blowfish? Miley Cyrus wrote and performed a song about her late pet, Pablow, and it's crushing our souls in ways we didn't know were possible, "Why did everything I loved have to die?" she sings. We weep.

Cyrus posted a video of the track, sung during one of her backyard sessions. She wears a unicorn onesie as tears roll down her cheeks, singing about not being able to eat sushi anymore. The song ends with the lyrics, "But Pablow the blowfish / I miss you so bad," and she slams the keyboard before saying a single word: "Damn." She walks off the stage and into her friend's arms. Straight chills.

Some of you may remember a few months ago my dear blow fish Pablow past away. I wrote this song for him...He made me so happy and I miss him everyday.... But now he is with Floyd and Melanie's sweet Sadie

Posted by Miley Cyrus on Monday, May 18, 2015



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