Miley Cyrus Braless In West Hollywood, Wears Awesome Ray-Bans (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus Is A Braless Wonder

Lest she fall off our radar, Miley Cyrus decided to go for a bite to eat without, we believe, a bra on.

The former Disney star, stepping out in West Hollywood in what we can only describe as a full-on hipster costume: flimsy tank, raggedy plaid shirt, ripped denim cut-offs, black tights, worn moto boots and a stack of bracelets.

She also was wearing a cool pair of John Lennon-esque Ray-Ban shades, which (loathe as we are to admit it) we really like.

On the one hand, Miley took such care in assembling her perfectly undone look that you'd think she'd have remembered a bra. On the other hand, the bare chest may be part of her new hipster style.

Check out Miley below -- can she pull off the braless look or is a brassiere always a necessity?


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