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Miley Cyrus Brings Her Cigarette, Haircut & Bra To NYC (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus has been on a cross-country hair tour, showing off her new signature, that much-debated blonde haircut (if that's what we're calling it), in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and now New York City.

For her NYC trip, she spent the day in a black tee and shorts (with some grungy camp around her waist) shopping around and catching a cab like a regular New Yorker. But a night out on the town, of course, requires a second Miley Cyrus signature: a sheer bra-baring shirt. (Honestly, we feel like we see Miley's bras more than our own.)

In a pic snapped last night that was posted on twitter, Miley posed on the street outside New York's La Esquina with singer/songwriter Negin Djafari. Always true to herself, she had her third style signature in hand: a cigarette.

Check out our Miley photo below and keep the three hallmarks in mind. Come October, if you're looking for a creative Halloween costume, all you need is a cropped blonde wig, a black bra (or lack thereof, honestly) and some American Spirits and you're good to go.


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