Miley Cyrus Releases Gay Rights Anthem 'Hands Of Love'

The poignant song is from the soundtrack for Julianne Moore's new movie "Freeheld."

Miley Cyrus has been an outspoken gay rights advocate for years -- and now she's bringing her views into her music, as well. 

The singer just released an emotional new song called "Hands of Love" about the struggle for equality. It's on the soundtrack for the new movie "Freeheld," which tells the true story of a New Jersey police officer with terminal cancer, played by Julianne Moore, fighting a legal battle to secure pension benefits for her domestic partner, played by Ellen Page.

You can listen to the song here:

The lyrics of the song, which was written by openly gay producer Linda Perry, are a little abstract, but suggest that the gay rights movement is driven by love and solidarity, ultimately allowing LGBT people to gain strength by stepping into their identity. 

"Hands of Love" is the second LGBT-themed song Cyrus has released in the past month -- though it's very different from the first, "Bang Me Box," an explicit ode to lesbian sex.

Cyrus, who was recently rumored to be dating Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell, came out as pansexual in August. She also recently said, in an interview with Paper magazine, that she had told her mother that she was attracted to both men and women when she was 14 years old. 

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