Miley Cyrus Awkwardly Talks About Kim Kardashian's Nipples At The VMAs

Please stop.

Ugh, Miley Cyrus.

As host of Sunday night's VMAs, the singer said a series of things we'd highly prefer she hadn't. After dismissing Kanye West's Video Vanguard winner award speech as weed-induced nonsense -- which it very much was not -- she then made a joke about what the two have in common: that they love Kim Kardashian. She expressed praise for Kim's nipples, said she was jealous of the baby on the way, and polished the whole disturbing segment off with sucking faces.

It was ill-advised, uncomfortable, unfortunate, horrible -- a host other adjectives meaning bad, bad, bad. We wish we could go back in time and make it (and a whole bunch of other awful, offensive things that happened tonight) not happen.

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