Miley Cyrus Dresses As Lil Kim With Nipple Pasty For 1999 Throwback Halloween


Miley Cyrus dressed as Lil Kim for a Halloween party Wednesday night (Oct. 30), complete with a lilac nipple pasty.

Cyrus copied Kim's look from the 1999 Video Music Awards, when the New York City rapper wore a one-sleeved mermaid-inspired jumpsuit with a nipple pasty over her left breast, and a purple wig. It was undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments in VMA history (Diana Ross even jiggled her boob), so it makes sense that the 20-year-old would choose the look.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer posted photos of her costume to Instagram with the caption, "Happy Halloween."

In one shot, she wrote, "Miley doing Lil Kim doing Miley," with her tongue sticking out.

Shock value aside, Cyrus has professed to being a huge fan of Kim. In July, she told Billboard.com that the hip-hop star is on her top five list of favorite female artists.

"In my past life, I feel like that was me. I feel like Lil Kim is who I am on the inside," she said. "She just makes me happy ... I just love her. And I can't help that I love her."

And Kim apparently loves Cyrus, too. On Wednesday, she tweeted: "Awwww. Look at my baby @mileycyrus tonight!!! Looking GORGEOUS!!! I wish I was there to squeeze your boob :) :) Love U so much !!!! #mytwin."

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