Miley Cyrus Covers Love Magazine, Thus Concluding Her 2013 Hair Tour (PHOTOS)

That's a wrap, folks.

Miley Cyrus has officially concluded her 2013 hair tour with the debut of the latest cover for Love Magazine. Lensed by David Sims, the singer's new pink mohawk is featured prominently in the portrait shot for the March 2014 issue, with her somber expression and the faded "LOVE" tattoo on her ear allowing her hair to take center stage.

While Miley made the big crop back in 2012, she's really run the gamut of hairstyles this year, dabbling in Anna Wintour-inspired bobs, pompadours, buzz cuts and even wigs. So to get a sense of, um, closure, we've rounded up all of Miley's standout hair changes from the year. Think there's one she should stick to?


miley hair

miley cyrus





june pomp


miley cyrus justin bieber hair

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Miley Cyrus' Style Evolution

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