Miley Cyrus Makes Out With A Doll Again And We're Not Sure Why This A Thing (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus performed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Tuesday and incorporated her two biggest loves: Going pantsless, and making out with dolls.

Why, you ask, is Miley Cyrus making out with dolls now? Apparently, when asked about the part of her "We Can't Stop" video where she makes out with a doll in the pool, Miley said "As you can see my necklace says 'doll' -- so I'm a doll. So that's me making out with a doll version of myself. Doll-on-doll-on-doll. Me and my friends always say doll-on-doll-on-doll!"

Keeping up with tradition, this latest doll Miley made out with wore the exact same outfit Miley did.

Yeah, we don't think we get the "why" either, folks.


miley cyrus doll

And in the video (1:48):

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