Miley Cyrus Gets Frisky With A Fan At Bangerz Tour Meet And Greet

Remember back in May when those awkward photos from Avril Lavigne's meet and greet surfaced? How fans were reportedly instructed not to touch, hug, or shake hands with Lavigne, and everyone ended up looking uncomfortable?

Well let's just say Miley Cyrus' meet and greet was the complete opposite of that.

Cyrus seemed totally cool with letting this fan get, um, up close and personal.

There was some groping:

miley 1

And a simulated tongue kiss:

miley 2

This photo is as normal as it was gonna get:

miley 3

And the prom pic:

miley 4

We're not sure how much this meet and greet cost this fan, but we'd say he got his money's worth.

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