Miley Cyrus Is A Half-Naked Psychedelic Mushroom In Paper Magazine Shoot

*We think.

Miley Cyrus, queen of the outrageous, was photographed looking like a pink baby/garden gnome/mushroom creature of the night in a new Paper magazine shoot

Though we can't quite tell what Miley is supposed to be, she's rocking a pink towel, pink spray paint and a shiny shower hat to the best of anyone's ability. Accessorizing with a half-eaten piece of pizza and little mushroom friend, Cyrus looks like she's in her element. 

mini moment in @papermagazine wifff mini mushroom fairy garden! pic b @vijatm

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"I was so sober, I painted myself pink to enjoy a slice in my fairy garden. I've never tried any psychedelics, but I'm not against it. LOL," said Cyrus of the Paper magazine photo, shot by Vijat Mohindra for the Fandemonium issue. "The very small people you see in the bottom right frame are actually just shrunken reflections of my inner self."


Miley posed for the cover of Paper earlier this year, naked and hugging her pet pig

The singer is nearly done with her Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz Tour, which ends Dec. 19 in Los Angeles. The tour, which includes rock band The Flaming Lips, has been an artistic triumph for Cyrus.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer recently released a video for one of the newest songs off of her album, called "BB Talk." Watch the wild video below:  

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