Miley Cyrus Dons Disco Ball Nipple Pasties After Art Basel Miami Concert

Miley Cyrus Dons Disco Ball Nipple Pasties

It's nearly the end of 2014, and Miley Cyrus has been trying shock us with her get-ups for the better part of the last two years.

When the 22-year-old stepped out topless -- save for some disco ball pasties covering her nipples, a silver wig made of tinsel and makeup inspired by Mimi from "The Drew Carey Show" -- we hardly batted an eye.

Cyrus definitely enjoyed herself, and even sparked up what appeared to be a blunt on stage. According to E! News, she told the crowd, "Usually I don't smoke weed and drink -- well that's a lie ... usually I don't smoke weed and drink on show days, but I felt like it was fine in Miami."

After her performance, she hit up the Dream nightclub with her new beau, Patrick Schwarzenegger, before moving on to Eleven nightclub.

You do you, Miley.

miley cyrus

miley cyrus

miley cyrus


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