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Miley Cyrus Steps Out With Blue-Tinged Hair (PHOTOS)

Lately, there is little that shocks us when it comes to Miley Cyrus. So yesterday, when the 20-year-old actress stepped out with a different 'do, no one was surprised.

Her new blue-tinged locks are only the latest in this lady's hair transformation. It all started in August 2012 when the star chopped off her famous brown wavy hair in favor of a blonde buzz cut -- and since then, things have only escalated. In the past few months she has cut it even shorter and styled it into a two-toned faux hawk -- so a little hair dye seems rather PG.

But Miley's hairstyle isn't the only thing that has changed. In the last year Cyrus has ditched her squeaky clean Disney image in favor of something more risqué. So it was only naturally that Liam Hemsworth's fiancée paired her new blue strands with a black crop top and fierce red lipstick. It seems as though midriff and bold makeup have become her uniform as of late, but hey, she's just being Miley.

UPDATE: Apparently Miley's blue hair was not intentional. Yesterday she tweeted that her hair is in fact platinum. It appears as though the actress simply overdid a brightening treatment. Whoops!


miley cyrus photos

miley cyrus photos

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Miley Cyrus' Style Evolution

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