Teen Asks Miley Cyrus To Prom With Twerk-Tastic Video

Teen Asks Miley Cyrus To Prom With Twerk-Tastic Video

How might you get Miley Cyrus to consider being your date to your high school prom? You could twerk, of course.

That’s the method adopted by YouTuber Andrew Crain, a high schooler from New Brunswick, Canada, who posted a promposal video online Monday asking his favorite pop star to please be his date to the prom.

Crain, who goes by the alias “Andrew Cyrus,” recruited some friends to intercede for him in the video.

“You should go to prom with Andrew because he’s awesome, amazing and he's such a funny person,” raved one of his pals.

“He can probably twerk better than you, so you two can have a twerk-off at prom,” another friend added.

Crain later proved this point by showing off his twerking moves on camera. He also revealed his impressive collection of Miley Cyrus-related memorabilia.

It’s unclear whether or not Cyrus has seen Crain’s video; but we wouldn’t be too surprised if she ends up responding to it.

As Seventeen.com notes, the “Wrecking Ball” singer has been known to respond to promposals. Last year, she invited high schooler Matt Peterson to attend one of her concerts after his promposal to her went viral.

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