Miley Cyrus Raps About Twitter: Star's YouTube Video Explains Tweet Exit (VIDEO)

*See video below*

After deleting her Twitter account (to the chagrin of her fans), Miley Cyrus posted a rap on YouTube to explain why she's said goodbye to Tweets.

Watch the video below for Miley's reflections on a Twitter life.

So why'd she quit?

"I want my private life private," she raps. "I'm living for me."

"Everything that I do, those lame gossip sites take it and they make it news."

Miley also tries to dispel rumors that she deleted her account because her beau, Liam Hemsworth, wanted her to, saying: "It wasn't because my friend told me to. I stopped living for moments and started living for people."

Entertainment Weekly makes a good point:

Of course, it totally makes sense to want to keep things private then release a video spelling that out--and simultaneously putting yourself back on display. I mean, yeah. Or something.