Miley Cyrus Says, "Wake Up America"

Tween-pop phenom Miley Cyrus (non de plume Hannah Montana) is best known for jingle-jam ballads, bare-back photo shoots and banking an income of $18.2 million; but there's more to Miley than hair extensions and "haranguing life's cruelest inequities"

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'Every week's the same
Stuck in school's so lame
My parents say that I'm lazy
Getting up at 8 a.m.'s crazy
Tired of bein' told what to do
So unfair, so uncool.

Miley's recently released namesake album, "Breakout," breaks the sugar mold with the synthesized call to environmental action, "Wake up America." The song is an eco-anthem ode to mother earth. Reductive, yet rousing--complete with a cheerleader-chant chorus and age-appropriate lyrics, "Wake Up! It's not a fire drill!" we can't help but listen.

Yes, Miley's libretto is a far cry from Dylan, Mccartney and Townshend's poetic genius, but lets give this fifteen year old some props. It is refreshing to hear a young person tout an eco-message. Moreover, Miley's influence is massive--and not to be undermined. Hopefully "Wake up America," will incite tweens to environmental action as Miley's sheer presence incites ear-piercing hysteria.