Miley Cyrus Shares Why Liam Hemsworth Literally Could Not Quit Her

The singer recently told the crazy story that led to her hit, “Malibu.”

Serendipity wasn’t letting Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth stay apart for long.

On Wednesday, Cyrus went on the “Howard Stern Show” to promote her new album, “Younger Now.” During her interview, the singer shared a bizarre but sweet story that occurred when she and longtime boyfriend Hemsworth split back in 2013.

Cyrus and Hemsworth in 2012.
Cyrus and Hemsworth in 2012.
Jason Merritt/TERM via Getty Images

“When Liam — he’s my boyfriend now — when we broke up for a minute, he wanted to get away from me,” she said. “He wanted to go to Malibu, and bought this house. He didn’t know it was the house I recorded my first album [’Breakout] in!”

The crazy story doesn’t end there, either.

“The person [selling the house] hid all the plaques in the garage so he would still buy the house,” Cyrus continued. “So then he went to move in and he was like, ‘Fuck, I cannot get away, this bitch is all over my fucking house!’ And all my plaques are everywhere.”

The story has a really happy ending though — the two actually live together in that same house now.

“And so, now that we’re back together, my song ‘Malibu’ is about the house that I live in in Malibu, which is where I recorded my first album,” Cyrus said.

Ugh, this is too freakin’ cute. It’s just like a Nicholas Sparks novel.

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