Miley Cyrus Has A Shopping Spree At Chanel (PHOTO)

She's Just Being Miley

If you live in a world where twerking is just another funny word and wearing pants is normal, then you are the lucky one who seems to have tuned out Miley Cyrus' love of oversharing.

This weekend the "We Can't Stop" star went on a massive shopping spree at Chanel in London. Surrounded by her new purchases, Cyrus tweeted, "The damage is done."

miley cyrus chanel

According to the Daily Mail, Cyrus needed two store employees to help her carry her Chanel gear to her car after her day on London's tony Bond Street.

She tweeted another photo in the Chanel store and said shopping there was the best part of her trip across the pond.

At least she wasn't wearing money as clothes this time.

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