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Miley Cyrus Gets Cheeky In Short Shorts At American Apparel (PHOTOS)

It's a swelteringly hot summer here in New York, and perhaps vicariously, Miley Cyrus showed some skin in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

In true American Apparel style (we had to say it), the 19-year-old actress and singer wore a revealing pair of shorts to the store that crept up when she leaned over to check out some merchandise. She seems to have quickly realized it, though, tying her plaid flannel around her waist to prevent a further wardrobe malfunction.

Not that Cyrus is opposed to showing skin -- she even tweets some seriously sexy photos. But between Miley and Rumer Willis flashing their stuff in teeny shorts, we think we need to call the good old-fashioned dress code police.

Check out the pic below, and to see more shots of Miley's shopping jaunt (including her belly chain!), be sure to click over to


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