Miley Cyrus Can't Recognize Her Own Song In 'Tonight Show' Challenge

Host Jimmy Fallon teased the singer after she finally guessed correctly.

Perhaps Miley Cyrus needs to get better acquainted with her own repertoire of hits.

The singer took on host Jimmy Fallon in a “Name That Song Challenge” on “The Tonight Show” Thursday. The two tried to guess random songs that unfold one instrument at a time.

Late in the competition, both Fallon and the former “Hannah Montana” star struggled to place a tune that played for nearly 30 seconds. It finally dawned on Cyrus that the show’s house band was playing one of her own.

“It took you that long to get that one?” Fallon cracked to Cyrus.

Find out what the song was above. You can fast-forward to 4:13 if you’re really curious.