Miley Cyrus' Sweatpants-Jeans Are Troubling (PHOTOS, POLL)

We rarely see Miley Cyrus wearing pants. But when we do, boy, does she go all out. Cyrus showed up for a MySpace party on Wednesday night sporting what we can only describe as half-sweatpants, half-jeans.

Featuring a baggy drop-crotch and rolled-up bottoms, the half-and-half pants were totally perplexing, albeit really comfy-looking. Where does one buy such pants? And why?

Check out the split-personality pants. Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?

miley cyrus sweatpants jeans

miley cyrus sweatpants jeans

miley cyrus sweatpants jeans

Miley has a tendency to reinterpret clothing:

Things Miley Cyrus Calls "Shirts"

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