Miley Cyrus In Marie Claire: Talks Smoking Salvia, Parents' Divorce

Miley Cyrus had a rough 2010 -- between her bong controversy, parents' divorce and make out tapes, it was enough to drive most other 18-year olds crazy. But as she told Marie Claire magazine, those normal teens aren't Miley Cyrus.

In a new interview with Marie Claire, the Disney teen queen talks about mistakes and moving forward. Talking about the bong video, Cyrus takes responsibility -- but knows it's part of the growing process.

"What I never wanted was for my fans to ever feel like I betrayed them... to feel like I said I was something, then turned around and was something that I'm not," she told the magazine (via Celebuzz). "But I've never, ever claimed to be perfect. I mean, since I've started the show, I've always said, 'I'm gonna make mistakes.' I know this. And I think that that is one of the reasons why people related to me. Why kids related to me."

The starlet also talks about her family -- parents Tish and Billy Ray are divorcing -- and her wishes for happiness. For much more, click over to Marie Claire.